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Coaching to Help you Thrive in Every Aspect of Life:

Alana is an entrepreneurial and self-driven professional with more than 20 years of experience leading and driving businesses of all sizes from an array of diverse industries.

Through coaching, Alana will provide you with all the tools to achieve your goals in life and in business. With her signature drive and positivity, she will teach you the only limits are the ones you set upon yourself. 

Alana has successfully worked with world record breakers, royal families, and Fortune 500 companies supporting million dollar fundraising efforts. 

She is CEO of Stott Consultancy, Inc. an intelligence led provider of physical and data security services and training. She is President of Publishing and Production company Wolfraven Omnimedia a company that is dedicated to telling Trailblazing stories. She is in the process of producing multiple television series all set for release in 2023. Coaching others is important to Alana so she can pass her knowledge to others and help them succeed in their lives.

“I never wanted to win the lottery, I want the journey, the lessons, the failures, the struggles and then the achievement. Only then do you truly appreciate the reward, that’s the feeling that lasts. The world is very focussed on instant gratification, one click shopping and easy money but for me true happiness comes from how I achieve something, what I achieve and who I have helped along the way. Life is about purpose, not money or “stuff” it is about having a goal, dream, vision and pushing yourself every day to get there.”

Alana Stott

Philanthropy Consulting

As a philanthropist, Alana recognizes the needs and desires of both sides and brings together her twenty years of experience raising money using her exclusive MAPS formula that, will guarantee success when it comes to asking for money.

When working with a non-profit consultant some of the most common complaints are:

  • Why are we not bringing in enough money?
  • Why isn't the money coming in quicker?
  • We have a committee, why are they not hitting targets?
  • We had a near certain prospective donor, why haven’t they come through yet?
  • Should we put the campaign on hold until the economy gets better?
  • Is our goal too high, should we decrease it?
  • We still need a million dollars to reach our goal, shouldn't we start going to the general community for $50 and $100 gifts?
  • What do we do now our own trustees aren't giving at levels we counted on?
  • What are we paying you for anyway?

The answer to all these issues lies at the very beginning of the fundraising process. As a leading expert in campaign and funding strategies, Alana’s unique method of planning and implementation will help give your non-profit or business a greater impact locally, nationally and internationally. 

As a philanthropist herself, Alana has experience, not only a fundraiser, but also as a donor meaning she recognises the needs and desires of both sides. She works to ensure maximum results and satisfaction for everyone. 

Alana’s proven, tried and tested method, is unique although customizable to every client.  Alana will guide you seamlessly though all aspects of your fundraising, sponsorship and challenge preparation and implementation.

Fundraising campaign development 
Donor portfolio analysis, planning and optimizing 
Stakeholder engagement 
Workshops and team talk
Social media and content engagement 
Event planning 
Training “How to ask for money”

Charity Work

Alana has raised millions of dollars for a number of non-profits including, mental health, veteran, and human trafficking charities.

Amongst many of her endeavors, Alana has ran campaigns to raise millions of dollars for mental health associations, raised funds for Special Forces soldiers and their families, provided care packages for domestic violence victims, supplied food banks with much needed supplies and arranged the funding to rebuild  a water well hit by lightning at an orphanage in Lesotho South Africa. 

Empowering Women to Thrive in Every Aspect of Life

Alana is a firm believer in one’s mind being their only limitations, she believes with the right mindset and support, nothing is impossible.

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