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Mollie's Adventures: Live Your Own Way - Signed Hardcover

Mollie's Adventures: Live Your Own Way - Signed Hardcover

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Mollie loves adventures of all kinds, especially those that make her laugh, fill her with joy, and cause her to feel wild and free! One day while she is happily climbing a tree, her friend, Sophie, tells her to come down before she hurts herself. After Mollie reluctantly inches her way to the ground, she decides to find another adventure. But as she tries to ride a horse, soar on a roller coaster, and zip down a water slide, she is stopped each time by a fearful yet well-meaning friend who tells her she should not try anything dangerous or new. Now it is up to Mollie to teach everyone around her the importance of living her own way. In this charming tale, a little girl with a thirst for adventure decides to embrace her unique abilities and walk her own path through life.
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