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Mollie’s Adventures: Who to Help Today? - Signed Paperback

Mollie’s Adventures: Who to Help Today? - Signed Paperback

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Mollie is happily riding her scooter one day, excited for her next adventure, when she suddenly sees Mrs. Hopping struggling with a heavy load of groceries. Now on a new mission, Mollie rings her bell and speeds along the sidewalk until she reaches the old toad.

After Mollie stops to offer Mrs. Hopping a ride on her scooter and drops her off safely at home, she soon encounters Wolfie who is very sad that no one will play with her. But moments after she skips, dances, and tells jokes with Wolfie to assure her that her friends are never very far away, Mollie sees someone else in trouble. Will she be able to help Old Bill and another friend too?

In this inspirational story for children, a little girl learns the importance of helping others to spread kindness and bring joy and positivity to the world around her.

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