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Mollie's Adventures: Me & My Friends Play - Signed - Hardcover

Mollie's Adventures: Me & My Friends Play - Signed - Hardcover

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The world is a fun, colorful, and exuberant place where no two people are exactly the same.

Mollie and her friends are taking an adventurous trip around the world to discover new things and learn about their homelands. As their journey takes them many places that include Africa where the deserts are hot and many animals roam free, India where twenty-two languages are spoken and cows wander through the streets, and Mexico where ancient structures still stand and it never snows, Mollie and the others celebrate the joy and diversity in our big, beautiful world!

In this tale with an important message about acceptance, a little girl and her friends travel around the globe to learn about the cultures, landscapes, and traditions of their homelands.

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