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She Who Dares - Signed Paperback

She Who Dares - Signed Paperback

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It was 2014 when the phone rang at Alana Stott’s home. On the other end was her husband, Dean, a member of the UK Special Forces serving in Libya in the midst of a civil war. As the sound of gunfire echoed through the receiver, Alana felt her heart racing as she struggled to gather as much information as possible from him. Moments later, the line went dead. In a compelling, heartfelt retelling of her epic journey through life, Stott shines an inspirational light on how she navigated through all her personal experiences with candor, humor, bravery, and authenticity. As she leads others through her memories, Stott begins by detailing her childhood where she first learned to advocate for justice, pledged to one day end injustices, and focused on helping others, and then shares insight into her path forward as she traveled the world, married, attained professional success, battled challenges, and eventually summoned the strength and courage to guide her former UK Special Forces husband from enduring life-changing injuries to becoming a world-record breaking champion. She Who Dares chronicles one woman’s path of self-discovery as she overcame obstacles and challenges to transform into a passionate advocate for positive change.
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Empowering Women to Thrive in Every Aspect of Life

Alana is a firm believer in one’s mind being their only limitations, she believes with the right mindset and support, nothing is impossible.

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